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I started with background. I took this texture by cinderellasymptom and placed it on my canvas. Then I took this one by chunhees and set it to Multiply. To make it red I created new Color Fill layer (#8d0707) and applied it to second layer. Then I added my subject. It's a bit too dark so I created new Curves layer (Input:111 Output:152 ; Input:54 Output:82) and Brightness/Contrast layer (Brightness:26, Contrast:14).
Next step is pretty obvious - it's painting:
- on new layer set to Color (100% opacity) I painted yellow his coat, red his tie and blue his pants( believe me there was blue:D);
- on new layer set to Multiply (100% opacity) I painted with very light peachy color over his face;
- on new layer set to Soft light (100% opacity) I painted yellow his hair.
And we done with painting.


I wanted my icon to be a bit brighter so another Brightness/Contrast layer (Brightness:7, Contrast:0).
To make background more vivid I created Gradient layer (#a98d1d and #db8d53) and set it to Hard Light 69% opacity. Then I masked it over Constantine.
Then to add some light and make it more glowy I created new layer set to Hard light (74% opacity) and painted with yellow over the bottom part of the icon and light red over the top. On another new layer set to Soft light I painted the top part with light red (100% opacity). Then I merged everything together blurred it using Gaussian blur and set to Soft light (40% opacity)


To add more contrast I created new b&w Gradient map and set it to Soft light (40% opacity)
Next step I added some borders by merging and rotating the image.
Then I resized the icon to 100x100 and added another Brightness/Contrast layer (Brightness:5, Contrast:8).
Then I sharpened everything using High pass.

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I took this texture by slayground as a background. Then I placed it on my canvas and desaturated it. Then I created new Color Fill layer (#b41b1b) and set to Multiply (100% opacity).
Then I cut out Constantine from the background and placed it the way I like. After that I duplicated this layer twice and made them invisible for now.
To make Constantine black and red I created next layers:
- Curves (Input:46 Output:46 ;Input: 157 Output: 191)
- Exposure (Gamma: 0.75)
- B&W Gradient map (100% opacity)
- Levels (14; 1.39; 255)
- Another gradient map (#000000 and #b90f0f)


Time to go back to our two copied layers. I made them both visible and added color overlay to both of them (I filled one of them with white and one of them with light grey but tbh it made absolutely no difference when you look at the final result :D). Then I moved one of then 5px to the right and another one 5px to the left. It created kind of outline.
I wanted to make it really grungy so there will be a lot of textures:
- this one by (???) set to Screen 100% opacity
- this by (???) set to Lighten 100% opacity. To make the white part a bit more grey I created color fill layer (#dedede set to Multiply) and applied to to texture.
- this texture by burnedbreads set to Screen 100% opacity and masked over his body.
- and finally this texture by (???) set to Soft light 100% opacity and again masked it over his body.
Then on new layer I painted some light grey strokes over his coat using Freeform Pen Tool.
Then I resized everything to 100x100 and added new Brightness/contrast layer (Brightness:4; Contrast: 10).
And finally I sharpened it using Smart Sharpen. And that's it :)

>>>> >>>> >>>>

So this was the last tutorial. Thank you guys so much for requesting them and for your patience because it took me ages to write all of them. I really hope you enjoyed them and Happy New Year!
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