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[9] hawaii five-0, [1] lucifer, [3] shadowhunters, [2] legion, [4] ghostbusters, [1] the wicked + the divine, [1] shadowhunters wallpaper

Hi, guys! So this is kinda anniversary post and I want thank you all so much for being here, watching my community, for all your kind words, for everything! This means a world to me!!!! It's also kinda double anniversary because this year will be 10 years since I've started making icons. This is pretty crazy amount of time. I still remember my first icon ( and I hope it lost forever :D). I've never thought that I would have this hobby for such a long time and love it so much. And I really do love it because it is always so challenging and it is so much fun to create something new and also it is a great way to escape from reality for a few hours.
So here is some new icons from this year. As you can tell I'm not being very productive this year again :D

hawaii five-0
hawaii five-0 x4 || lucifer x1
shadowhunters x3 || legion x2
ghostbusters x4 || the wicked + the divine x1

shadowhunters wallpaper
Tags: !2017, !maker:naive_astronaut, comics, movie: ghostbusters, tv show: hawaii five-0, tv show: legion, tv show: lucifer, tv show: shadowhunters, wallpapers
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