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[5] doctor who, [5] thor: ragnarok, [5] fantastic beasts and where to find them, [3] music (florence + the machine, marina and the diamonds, years & years), [2] rpdr (kim chi)

This month I had some free time (which is such rare thing lately) and I saw this absolutely fantastic and very inspiring post at monthlyinspo so I decided to participate. I haven't opened Photoshop since March tbh, so not all of them turned out the way I wanted, but I had so much fun making them!!!
I most likely won't be able to make anything for another couple months due to some real life stuff, but I hope I'll be able to get back to making icons by the end of the year, because I miss it so much.

doctor who
thor: ragnarok
fantastic beasts and where to find them
kim chi || florence + the machine || kim chi || marina and the diamonds || years & years
Tags: movie: fantastic beasts, movie: thor, music, tv show: doctor who, tv: rpdr
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